10 Untapped Synergy Opportunities for Companies Operating Out of a Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces or shared office spaces are growing in numbers across the globe, to benefit the freelancers, independent workers, small companies, as well as big corporations. Collaboration and connecting with like-minded professionals is one of the most important benefits of working out of a co-working space, as these typically lead to knowledge and idea sharing, partnerships, referrals, and even leads. However, many of these collaboration opportunities are still untapped and yet to be explored.

Here are 10 untapped synergy opportunities for companies operating out of a co-working space –

  1. Attending events at the co-working space

Co-working spaces conduct and host a number of events and workshops on a regular basis. These events serve as an excellent and a guaranteed opportunity to network and meet fellow entrepreneurs and potential clients.

Operating out of a co-working space provides access to a diverse community of professionals, entrepreneurs, and industries, proving to be one of the best synergy opportunities.

  1. Hosting events in your co-working space

Instead of restricting yourself to attending events being hosted by the co-working space, consider hosting events yourself, at the co-working space. If you have an idea for an event or a workshop that you want to conduct, you must arrange for it and conduct it without wasting any time.

These events will not only open up collaboration opportunities, but also bring your business into the limelight.

  1. Lunches in the community area

Take a break and do not eat your meals in front of your computer. Use lunch time to meet and greet with those working around you in the common lunch area, and encourage everyone around you to do the same.

This is possibly one of the most underrated, but useful networking opportunity at a coworking space.

  1. Work Trade

When someone operating out of your shared workspace offers a service or product that you need, consider trading it for something that your business can offer. This will ensure that the product or service that your business offers gets recognized by more people.

  1. Community Manager

Get in touch with the Community Manager at the co-working space to get some useful recommendations on other businesses operating out of the co-working space for collaboration.

  1. Network online

If a network opportunity works out at the shared working space, but you are unable to get in touch with them for some reason, connect with them through online networking portals.

Online networking is really useful when one of the parties is physically unavailable or travels around frequently.

  1. Hand out useful promotion material

Do not restrict distributing useful promotion material to your clients. This useful promotion material could be anything that is used widely and regularly by people working at the co-working space. Hand out your promotion material to others in the co-working space and remind them of you, your business and your brand.

  1. Sell your passion

Instead of selling just your business or idea, try selling your passion to those you network with. This will create the possibility of that person recommending you to others who might be looking for what your business offers.

  1. Collaboration for creativity

Co-working spaces are designed and structured to inspire creativity and innovation. If you are looking to collaborate on a project that requires that kind of creativity or innovation, collaborating at a co-working space could turn out to be the perfect solution.

You could network and meet with independent workers, freelancers, and small entrepreneurs who will inspire and share the creativity your project needs, and will be perfect to collaborate with.

  1. Professional training workshops

Attending or hosting a professional training workshop can open doors to networking opportunities with professionals belonging to similar fields or industries.

The growth of coworking spaces in Gurgaon, for instance, is fast paced because of the ever growing demand for it.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton