Is Manchester Set to Take Over as UK’s second city?

Over the years, Birmingham which is referred to as the UK’s second city has been gradually slipping off the grid. On the other hand, Manchester’s popularity has made it to overshadowed Birmingham with statistics indicating that most people think that it is the second city in the UK. The recent polls also saw Manchester top […]

Business Rates: The Importance of Proper Management

Starting a business can be a very worthwhile and rewarding venture, especially if you’re confident in the impact you’re going to make in the marketplace and have the resources to see things through. However, there are certain things about having a business that can blindside you if you aren’t careful. For example, if you intend […]

Funkiest Offices in the UK

Some of the most sought after commercial property for rent has been turned into homes from home, rail carriages, and playgrounds. All to improve employee morale, boost creativity, and increase productivity. If you’re considering revamping your office space, here are a few ideas to help turn your little bit of commercial heaven, into an employee […]

The Relationship Between Luxury Homes and Higher Education

Residential property investors know there are certain kinds of markets more favorable to their business models than others. For example, rental property in college towns is huge. Buying the right properties in the right locations means a steady stream of university students more than willing to pay the rent. According to recent data from HomeUnion, […]

How Location Affects Property Prices

Probably the most key elements of searching for any new property, whether renting a house or purchasing one may be the location. Location, location, location as the saying goes is a vital factor since it will impact a lot of things. It’ll change up the cost from the property that you simply rent or buy, […]

Lakefront Residences: Lakefront Condos in Singapore

Singapore’s newest condo in the western suburbs, to become launched for purchase at the begining of November 2010, will be known as The Lakefront Residences. Lakefront Condo It’s a lakefront condo – because you can get to become “lakefront” in Singapore, that’s. Meaning it’s separated in the parks around Jurong Lake by Yuan Ching Road […]

Top Ideas For Airbnb Multiple Listings Management

 Managing multiple listings on Airbnb can be tricky. You can either choose to have a single account for all properties, or there’s an option of creating a new account for each. Property owners, who are keen on making regular and considerable profits, often hire managers to do the job. These managers can handle all sorts […]

Top Hacks to Get More Out Of Your Airbnb Pricing!

Listing your property on Airbnb is easy, but if you are keen on ensuring stable and regular income, you have to be careful about one aspect – The price. Airbnb pricing strategies can vary, and as in the hospitality industry, the final price is dependent on many factors. In this post, we will review a […]