Follow these 5-10 latest trends before designing your kitchen

Kitchen is an integral part of any house. Family members spend a considerable amount here. While thinking about kitchen design, you must give preference to its functions. In residential apartments, kitchen is generally square-shaped and size depends on the space availability vis-à-vis other rooms. Ideally, cooking stove, sink and refrigerator should be placed within the distance of six feet, which will make the work convenient. Ensuring that enough storage space is available is a must for any kitchen. There are many food items and utensils required on a day-to-day basis. While some new flats in Pune are already equipped with these designs, some are not. Hence, one can easily give a new look to the kitchen by following these tips

  • Storage Trends – While planning for storage space in kitchen, consider your future needs also. Adding storage cabinets afterwards can look like a total mismatch. Cover the loft space with wooden doors or sliders until the ceiling. Think of single full-length cupboard with different sizes of divisions to accommodate all kinds of utensils. You can try the latest trend of using transparent doors for cabinets. New technology of hydraulics has entered in the kitchen space too. Cabinet doors and drawers below the platforms can be easier to operate with the use of hydraulics. They do not require efforts to operate and are noiseless too.
  • Color – Many people still prefer to use beige or white color for the kitchen furniture. You can combine them with some vibrant colors like orange to add freshness in the kitchen environment.
  • Colorful sink – White ceramic or stainless steel sinks have become things of the past now. Latest trend suggests using colorful sinks to add style element in your kitchen. They are not necessarily square or round shaped. You can experiment with the different forms of sinks and splash back walls. Splash back designs are available in glass material with many colorful combinations.
  • Countertop material – Forget about the old granite or marble countertops. Try using easy-to-clean glass and wooden surfaces for countertops. If you are not sure about the durability or strength, then you can try combination of marble, glass and wood for creating countertops. Adding few foldable countertops or platforms can help you serve more number of people during any family gathering. At other times, you can keep them closed and increase the space for movement.
  • Appliances – Avoid fixing your old appliances in new kitchen. Buy new appliances to suit the new color theme and size provisions. You might hesitate for additional expense but it will prove worthy when you see a perfect kitchen with latest appliances and style.
  • Add personal touch – Use lights in different forms above the dining area. You can try wall mounted lamps with soft lights or even colorful lightings. Trendy lamps designed especially for kitchen use are available in the market. These lamps will make your kitchen lively and add fun element to your parties.
  • Sitting arrangements – Go for compact and foldable sittings in the kitchen. Most of the cooking work requires one to stand continuously. So keep the floor empty for your easy access to cabinets and appliances and unfold the sittings only when required.


Post Author: Manelin Paxton