Funkiest Offices in the UK

Some of the most sought after commercial property for rent has been turned into homes from home, rail carriages, and playgrounds. All to improve employee morale, boost creativity, and increase productivity. If you’re considering revamping your office space, here are a few ideas to help turn your little bit of commercial heaven, into an employee paradise.

Google: Covent Garden

As one of the early instigators of open-plan modern trendy office space, Google hasn’t disappointed with its Covent Garden office. Everything researchers say helps boost productivity has been included. Natural light and fresh air, by way of a planted roof terrace where staff can enjoy lunch-breaks al-fresco. A homely feel of old comfortable armchairs and sofas in another area, and a little, heavily subscribed, allotment area, for employees to cultivate their favourite plants.

Splunk: London office

An American software company, their London office includes sumptuously furnished rail carriages for client meetings. Unless of course, the clients are a little spaced out. In that case everybody heads for the look-alike Tardis. Décor includes graffiti art, and old phone boxes. The office also includes full complimentary kitchen facilities and bar.

Zoopla: London Bridge

As you would expect from a leading property company, Zoopla’s new office on London Bridge could be the home you’ve just left. It combines a dining room, living room, kitchen, cellar, and library. The layout also includes a treehouse, look-alike swimming pool, and games room. Free breakfast and snacks, and coffee served by their very own barista.

Ticketmaster: London

All play and no work might be the company motto of this global business that specialises in ticket sales for every function imaginable – and then some. Their London office is designed with play in mind. Bright and airy, they regularly host all manner of shindigs for staff and clients. The décor includes a juke box, pinball machines, and a popular slide from first to ground floor. With free gym membership, on-site massages, and free fruit – will they ever look for a proper job.

AO: Bolton

An ecommerce site specialising in the sale of heavy white goods such as dishwashers and washing machines. Another office design of split rooms. AO’s rooms however, are themed on Lego and sport. Pool and air hockey tables are available to help staff unwind. The restaurant serves a free breakfast and through-the-day snacks, while the on-site Starbucks ensures everyone gets their caffeine kick.

Smarkets: London Bridge

A betting exchange overlooking London Docks. Smarkets office design is a little closer to the open-plan layout we’ve all come to know and love. It is bright and airy, with maximum use made of natural light. Its productivity kick comes from close company bonding with shared breakfast, lunch, and dinner breaks in the modern restaurant. With regular office parties and out of work activities from paintballing to music concerts and festivals, all paid for by the company, the staff feel they’ve bet on a sure thing.

There has never been a better time to look at commercial property for rent. With so many empty premises, many landlords are prepared to offer incentives, to help get your business established. With a little thoughtful office design, break-even could come a lot quicker than you think.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton