How to Choose the Best Online Estate Agent

Taking the time to find the best online estate agent is always worthwhile. With a great estate agent, a property is more likely to sell for the best price possible, while the entire selling process is generally made much simpler.

However, much like their high street counterparts, not all online estate agents provide a reliable service, so it is important to find the best possible candidate to ensure the selling process goes off without any issues.

Check out these tips for how to choose the best online estate agent:

Research candidates

A great thing about an estate agent being entirely based online is how easy it is to research possible candidates. You should be able to find a range of online estate agent companies that offer the services you need, so be sure to choose some of the best options and then conduct some research.

Check reviews from different websites and make the most out of comparison websites that let you see the different rates, services, and reviews of potential candidates. If possible, ask a friend, relative, or co-worker that has used an online estate agent for personal recommendations.

All of this helps to get a better idea of how suitable an online estate agent is for your needs, while making sure you avoid the less reliable companies out there.

Make a shortlist and get valuations from each

When choosing an online estate agent, you want to give yourself several options, as each agent is likely to have different valuations, fees, and services. So, after researching candidates you want to make a shortlist of around three agents you are thinking of going for.

After this, contact each of them to inquire about a valuation. Valuations are often done in the same way as a high street estate agent, with a professional valuator visiting the property, although some outsource to local estate agents as well.

In either case, let each one come and provide a valuation, while also finding out information about viewings, marketing methods, and what property portals are going to be used.


Always clarify the fees charged by an online estate agent. These are often different from a high street agent, which traditionally charges a commission of the final sale price, instead charging a flat fee for their service.

While the cheapest fees are always the most alluring, be mindful that these do not always come with the services you might need, as some online agents charge additional fees for extra services, such as accompanied viewing, professional photographs, premium listings etc.

Online Portals

The most powerful tool for online estate agents is online portals. Websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla are now the first port of call for most people looking to buy new property, so listings on prominent portals are always recommended – check to see which portals the estate agent is using to advertise your property.


Online estate agents with accreditation are highly recommended, as it’s usually a sign that they are honest, reliable, and held to high code of ethics and conduct. As a result, those with accreditation are generally the best choice to ensure quality service and avoid any problems.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton