Living in Melbourne on a Budget

It is fair to say that the life of a student is not a wealthy one, and that coupled with Melbourne being a rather pricey city, means that students must work extra hard to ensure that they are able to live within their means. Of course, typically many students are quite frugal and are able to get the most out of their money when they need to. If you are planning on becoming a student who will be living in Melbourne then now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to live here on a budget, and here are some tips on doing exactly that.


If it is your first year then dorms or a residential college can be one of the cheapest and safest options in terms of accommodation. As you progress and start to build up a friendship group then alternatives such as shared accommodation become more logical. Melbourne is very much a “student city” and while many options within the city are apartments, just on the outskirts there are many large houses which are perfect to share with close friends.

Food and Drink

In terms of shopping for your food you can save a lot if you use coupon websites and keeping an eye out for deals/discounts, which can offer you some big savings on your weekly shop. Naturally eating and drinking out should be avoided if you are looking to survive on a budget, and instead look to cook and drink at home. There is of course a social scene to get involved with in the city, so you can’t stay at home all the time. In this case it is recommended to take advantage of Happy Hour in many of the city’s bars. During these times the price of drinks are drastically cheaper and it can allow you to go out with friends while still being able to drink and not regret looking at your bank account the next day. In some cases, places even do student specials on drinks and food, so be sure to keep an eye out in the city.


Make the most of your student discount card. From transport to fashion, to restaurants and attractions, a student card will help you to save big on your purchases and activities during your time here in Melbourne. Many places also offer student discounts so be sure to check this out before making any purchases.


In terms of transport the cheapest way to get around is to invest in a bicycle. Not only is it a good way to stay in shape, but Melbourne is a very flat and bike-friendly city to get around. However, if this isn’t your cup of tea then look to make the most of a yearly myki pass, which can save you a big amount over the course of the year. Another alternative is to make the most of the free tram system for getting around the city center.

The key to living in Melbourne on a budget is taking advantage of every saving available and planning ahead so you can effectively budget and save your money. Good Luck.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton