Roof Inspections When Buying a House

It’s no secret that buying a home is a major investment.  You have to play it smart and make sure the home you’re looking at is in good condition and won’t cost you an arm and leg in repair work.  Unfortunately, when purchasing a previously lived in home, there are a ton of areas where damage or wear may not be very apparent.  The roof is one of the most expensive features of a home, so give it a good inspection to make sure it’s sturdy before purchasing.

Consider the age of the roof. 

You can start with a very preliminary inspection where you check for physical signs of wear.  Look for worn out spots from the inside and missing or loose shingles on the outside.  Make sure the roof is flat and there are no curled edges.  Look for signs of mold and don’t be afraid to ask the homeowner any questions about the roof’s lifespan and history.  It’s okay for a roof to be old, but make sure there was proper upkeep throughout the years.  Consider the materials used on the roof as well.  Some are easier and cheaper to work within the event of leaks, breaks, or any other damage.  Find a home with a roof that was built with sturdy and reliable materials.

Look for breaks and leaks.

This is very important because leaks can cause a significant amount of damage if not caught and taken care of.  Larger leaks or breaks in a roof can lead to flooding inside the house that damages property, floor, carpeting, and more.  Once a leak begins and spreads, tracing back to the starting point can be tough.  Not only is it a major inconvenience, but roof leaks and breaks can leave you with a very hefty bill.

Check the drainage pipes

In order to make sure you won’t have any issues during heavy rain, check the condition of the drainage pipes.  Without anywhere for the rain to run off, it can collect and pool, wearing down the roof.  That can lead to mold, which is a major concern for homeowners and over time, if water continues to collect on the roof, this may lead to small leaks. Look for rust on all pipes running along the roof.  Replacing rusty or leaky pipes can become expensive.

Have a professional check it out.

Even if you’ve done a preliminary run through, checking for visible signs of wear or damage, it’s a good idea to get a professional roofer or contractor out to take a second look.  Our friends at SOMD Roofing say there’s a big chance you are missing some damage that someone with experience would be able to pick up.  If there’s some minor wear, not all is lost.  There is a chance that minor fixes will end up being worth the investment if you love the home.  Ask the professional for his thoughts and a quote before determining whether to go all in or keep looking.

It’s never a bad idea to be thorough.  After all, buying a home is never a one time expense.  Over time, things do wear and require repairs or replacing.  Be sure that your potential home is in good condition, with a solid roof for you and your family to live under.  This will save you a lot of time, money, and headache later.  Don’t worry, sellers are usually very happy to do a full walkthrough with you and they usually welcome professionals to confirm the condition of the home.  If you see something that’s a bit fishy, remember to take off your rose-colored glasses.  Even if the home is your dream home, it’s never a good idea to buy if the roof is falling apart.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton