Tips to Use When Shopping for a New House During the Winter Months

Are you gearing up to look for a new house, condo, or a townhouse in the Minneapolis area? If so then you will have the somewhat challenging task of house-hunting during the winter months. Winter in Minneapolis is synonymous with the cold, wind, snow, and ice, which can make house-hunting much more difficult. You won’t always be able to see the full property, and the exterior may be completely covered in snow.

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So how can you make sure that you are making the most of your house-hunting experience and that you still notice any potential red flags even in the dead of winter? These winter house-hunting tips are just what you need to ensure the process is smooth.

You’ll See a Clean Slate

One of the pros to house-hunting in the winter is that you are often able to get a better look at the house itself. There won’t be any foliage or plants in bloom which means you’ll be able to see such things as the siding and foundation line on the house, walkways will be clear as long as there is no snow, and you’ll get a real sense of the yard and the neighbors.

Get Ready to Make a Deal

It is also common knowledge that there are more deals to be had in the winter months than the rest of the year. What this means is that now is the time to go in and try to negotiate. There are less buyers out there during the winter months, so you have the upper hand. If you are house-hunting near and around the holiday season, then there will be even less competition giving you an even greater advantage.

So based on the fact that there is less competition out there from other buyers, the odds of you ending up in a vicious bidding war are quite slim. The last thing you want to do is end up over-paying for your house simply because you were in a bidding war.

Insist on a House Inspection but Understand It May Not Be as Complete

No matter what time of year you buy a house in Minneapolis, you will want to do a house inspection. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at Minneapolis condos, townhouses, or detached homes, an inspection can end up saving you a lot of money in surprise repairs.With that said it can be very difficult for the inspector to complete the exterior inspection. Things such as the grading, foundation cracks, and damaged roof shingles can all be hidden by a fresh blanket of snow and/or ice.

Regardless of the weather outside, your home inspector will still be able to do a thorough inspection inside the home. The only thing to be aware of is that in the dead of winter you aren’t likely to smell any signs of dampness and mold, so instead the inspector needs to look very closely.

Winter Could be the Perfect Time to Buy

As long as you’re aware of the challenges facing winter house-hunting, then you will also understand what you can do to solve the issues and make sure you find the house of your dreams.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton