Top 5 Up-and-Coming Neighbourhoods in Montreal for Young Professionals

If you’ve decided to move to Montreal, you’re making a great decision. It has some great perks, such as Griffintown, Montreal, condos, and can accommodate many different lifestyles. If you’re new to the area, you might not know what areas are best for you, especially as a young professional.

As a professional, you need to find a balance between work and play. Access to specific amenities, such as nightlife, public transportation, and fitness centres, can play a part in deciding where you want to live. Read on for some Montreal neighbourhoods to check out as a young professional in Canada.

Old Montreal

The classic architecture, old churches, and cobblestone streets of Old Montreal provide a European atmosphere that many find quite pleasing. Although initially home to more affluent residents, it has also become popular for young professionals. You can find modern loft-style condos and new development of older buildings. It is also close to the Montreal stock exchange and the downtown core. Many media companies make their home in Old Montreal, and there are plenty of places to socialize, including cafes, restaurants, and bars.


Established in 1685, Saint-Henri was initially a neighbourhood meant for the working-class and Irish immigrants. In recent years, major gentrification has transformed this industrial industry into an up-and-coming neighbourhood for professionals. Condo developers and businesses are attracted to the industrial buildings, which has given rise to the number of condos, multimedia companies, and advertising agencies in the area. Due to the artistic atmosphere of Saint-Henri, more artistic professionals flock to this neighbourhood than their corporate counterparts.


If you’re looking for a neighbourhood that combines industrial and modern styles, then look no further than Griffintown. Initially home to Irish immigrants, it had an industrial personality until eventually becoming vacant. The city began to transform the area in 2012, revitalizing it until it was home to a large amount of Griffintown, Montreal, condos — the largest concentration of condos in Montreal. It offers new housing, new businesses, and new companies, making it ideal for professionals.

Mile End

The revitalization of Mile End in the 1990s brought in a huge influx of filmmakers, musicians, and artists. It is now considered one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Montreal. Startup companies have begun opening local offices, which is a huge attraction to the young professional crowd. There is plenty of employment, but there is also plenty of socialization in the form of bars and restaurants. It’s also only a few minutes to Plateau Mont-Royal, providing even more of a social setting.

McGill Ghetto

A lot of young people make their home in McGill Ghetto, which is close to McGill University. It is found in downtown Montreal and is said to be home to some of the coolest of the students. Despite its name, the neighbourhood isn’t even close to the usual definition of a ghetto. Young professionals who like to enjoy their weekends will find plenty of places to socialize in McGill Ghetto.

Each of these neighbourhoods has a unique, thriving community. Whether you prefer Griffintown, Montreal, condos or the artistic startup companies of Mile End, you’re sure to find an area that will be perfect for your personal lifestyle.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton