What are the Things You Should looks Out for Before Buying a Condo?

Home inspection is important for a Clementi condo apartment or a condo townhouse before you make a transaction and it is as essential as it is for a single family home. Certainly, most of the appliances needed in an apartment are locked in the basement room, but they should be well-inspected before you begin to use them when you buy an apartment.

Here are some of the factors to consider.

  • Some of the electrical outlets may or may not work, while some might not be grounded at all, which is a lethal risk to take. The receptacles should have a weather resistant cover or be transformed into GFI style plugs.
  • The railings and banisters must always be installed lower than the modern safety standards need it to be and many aren’t accurately anchored, so they might not avoid a fall.
  • The humidity detector will unleash if the dishwasher is dripping, or maybe rotting the kitchen floor away or harboring the growth of mold.
  • The inspection of the electrical panels will determine if the aluminum wires serve the suites, if the power supply is proper and if there is any safety electrical work that needs to be addressed. All the appliances will be tested to inspect if they work safely. If not, they will be replaced or repaired before you own the condo.

  • Check if the range hood and the clothes dryer exhaust are both vented to the exterior of the building.
  • Check the conditions of the plumbing fixtures, caulking, bathroom tiling etc.
  • Check for the broken seals in the double pane window sets. Your realtor or agent should also be able to analyze the condo plan and the bylaws in order to verify if the suite owner or the building is solely responsible to manage these.

Post Author: Manelin Paxton